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We Are Passionate Innovators

People6 is a digital marketing agency that hires college students, today’s innovators and trendsetters, to create and execute personalized marketing solutions to keep businesses and entrepreneurs ahead of the curve.

Analysis and Strategy

We use customer and industry data to make sure you are positioning your brand’s value proposition against your competition.

Marketing and Design

We create content for your business that is geared toward customers building strong connections to your brand resulting in higher engagement and growth optimization.

A Network of Content Creators

We use a network of content creators from top universities resulting in high-quality videos, photos, and others graphics being delivered quickly and efficiently.

Expert Support and Training

Whether it’s behind a podium or working with your large or small group, our team can deliver the education and training you need to compete in the ever-changing atmosphere of marketing.

Featured Works and Current Projects

We work with passion and sensibility.

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We are CEM

We leverage software, data, and our network of content creators to give you the most comprehensive and cost-effective marketing strategy.


Our Process

Through a proven system we help you understand your target audience across all digital platforms and media, strategize how to best target and approach them, and create content for that audience.

Our Philosophy and Values

We believe people need other people. We foster this ideology in our work by creating connections and strategy based on research about storytelling and relationships.


The Next Generation of Marketing

Getting close and personal care

We Make Marketing Easy

Our team specializes in storytelling that converges with user-centered designs. Through the use of photography, video, and graphic design we pre-schedule and design content for your business that will make you stand out.

We create meaningful social media movements that bridge the gap between business and customer experience. Find your authentic voice and grow your audience systematically with our personalized media campaigns.

Marketing Strategy 95%
Creative Design 90%
Branding 82%

Our Team

Top Talent made Accessible

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